Univ of Phoenix Orientation Week 2 DQ 2

Univ of Phoenix Orientation Week 2 DQ 2 - run thru January...

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Week 2 DQ 2 What changes do you anticipate in your day-to-day schedule as you further your education? What strategies might you use to help balance the stress of school, your personal life, and work? The changes that I anticipate in my day-to-day schedule as I further my education are mainly that I will be looking for a full time entry level position in the accounting field after the holiday season. I start work at Macy’s in the HR department next week and that will
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Unformatted text preview: run thru January. Since that is a part time position I will still have plenty of time to balance school, work, and home. Once I start a full time position I will use my time management skills in order to balance it all in the evening. I can also ask for help from my kids as they are all teenagers and can help with chores or help with cooking dinner. I can ask my business partner to do cupcake orders that I won’t have time to do....
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