University Composition and Communication Week 1 Assignment 1

University Composition and Communication Week 1 Assignment...

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Week 1 Assignment 1 University Composition and Communication I Purpose, audience, tone, and content have a big impact on academic writing. The first thing you should do when you sit down to write a paper is determine the purpose of the paper. The main purposes of an academic paper are to evaluate, synthesize, analyze, or summarize. You will ask yourself basic questions such as why am I writing this, what will it be about, and who is my audience. Your audience is important because it will determine everything else you will do. Once you determine your audience and how much they already know on the topic you can move
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Unformatted text preview: on to your tone. The tone of your academic writing will show the audience your attitude toward a topic. The content of what you are writing will come next. Since the content of your writing is actually what you want to say you need to make sure you are going to keep your audience’s attention. You can do this by using a quote, graph, or picture related to your topic. When you are writing you need to make sure that you include all these aspects to have an interested audience and successful paper....
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