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Week 1 DQ 4 The news story in a local newspaper would have an audience that would include everyone from those with children, those without children, and even those with grandchildren. This audience would include people who do not have any experience or an educational background as well as those who do. The news story might be written from the opinion of the writer and not based on fact or statistics. It would be important to consider your audience in this situation because what you are writing may not be interesting to people who don't have children or people who have already raised their children. A letter from a school administrator to parents of school-aged children would have a specific audience who have children who could potentially be home schooled. This letter would be most likely based on the school administrator's
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Unformatted text preview: experience and education. It would be important to consider the audience in this situation because if the letter is written with a bias on either side it might look like the school administrator is just trying to get people to send their kids to school to make more money for the district. The way this applies to academic writing is by showing the difference between a broader audience and how to keep their attention on a subject that might not be interesting to them and a smaller audience who would more likely be interested but may might be swayed by your writing to make a decision that could impact their children's lives. When considering your audience, you need to also think about the way your writing will be perceived....
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