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University Composition and Communication Week 5 DQ 2

University Composition and Communication Week 5 DQ 2 -...

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Week 5 DQ 2 The components of a clear and concise thesis statement are: Specificity: Your thesis statement should be concentrated on a specific area of your general topic. Precision: The thesis statement has to be exact enough to allow for a clear argument and to remain focused on your topic. Ability to be argued: Your thesis statement must present a relevant argument. Ability to be demonstrated: You must provide reasons and examples for your opinion in your thesis statement.
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Unformatted text preview: Forcefulness: Your thesis statement should show your audience that you are making an argument. Confidence: Being authoritative on your topic will persuade your audience to have faith in your argument and listen to what you are saying. It is important to make sure that your thesis statement is strong and does not use insults against the opposing side. It is also important that your thesis statement is not a "dead end" or makes a point that no one can disagree with....
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