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Liza Spratlin January, 12, 2008 Tillman English 250 Age Discrimination: Drinking Who decides eighteen is old enough to go to war, but too young to drink? This answer has been the job of the government for some time now, and this law has done more harm than good. My sophomore year of high school, I had the privilege of going abroad to England and France. At a monastery in France, there was only one place to talk and hang out, and a place they served alcohol. Our group from America was the only one who wasn’t allowed to drink. It felt strange having something so forbidden, be so permissible in a different country. How come age isn’t as discriminating in Europe? Discrimination upon the drinking age in the United States should be rethought because alcohol should be a used in mostly social events. The law of the drinking age being twenty-one is an issue for everyone in the nation. The reasons kids carry this out is they see adults drinking constantly and tend to think it’s a mature thing to do. According to 69% of 13-17 year old say their parents are a huge influence for their drinking. They also state that the percentage of teen drinking and driving fatalities is 25%, but this number could be decreased. In the year 2005, there were 16,885 fatalities in alcohol-related crashes and this represented an average of one alcohol-related fatality every 31 minutes, and 254,000 people were injured in these crashes meaning every 2
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minutes a person was injured (Alcohol Awareness Research Library). These statistics are
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proposal paper - Liza Spratlin January, 12, 2008 Tillman...

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