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Chapter 15 Assignment-Occupational Stress 1. Describe the four role problems associated with occupational stress, for each role problem, brainstorm one solution for each. Role overload - A person has too many tasks to perform in such a little amount of time that it becomes too much to overcome. -The person should separate each task and get one done, then move to the next. If you try to finish them all at once, you will not be successful with finishing a task. Role insufficiency - When a person does not have enough qualifications to do the task at hand, nor the ability to do it correctly. This may result in feeling overwhelmed. -The person should take some time to get fully trained before doing the job. They should fully understand the task at hand before moving further. Role ambiguity- When a person does not know specific details a job entitles, they may become frustrated. -The person should inquire to a superior to fully comprehend the duties at hand and the correct way of doing them.
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