e-commerce - At Tesla Tech they offer a variety of computer...

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At Tesla Tech they offer a variety of computer related services. Services offered include standard computer repair, upgrades, custom gaming personal computers, accessories, and much more. Tesla Tech’s Marketing niche will be fairly pinpointed, set to cater to the older generation that needs and wants to learn how to use modern day computers and do not have the means to learn. This strategy will bring new business and keep customers returning to our website to learn about different applications and functions of the new computer that they purchased from Tesla Tech. This market is fairly untapped in the online and even onsite marketplace. Tesla Tech plans to offer this online service free of charge to customers that buy custom made or brand new desktop or laptop computers from our online e-commerce website. This will allow the company to generate many new customers within the age rages of 45+ who may be timid or reluctant to buy a new pc because of their perception that they do not have the necessary tools or knowledge to complete basic computer related tasks. Sales of new computer will increase since our entire strategy will thrive on the fact that consumers will know that they will be able to log-in to our video tutorial database and educate themselves on whatever subject they need help with. Our main demographic will be single or married woman age 45 and up. This demographic was chosen because they are normally the ones that choose how the household income is spent and overall make most of the financial spending decisions. Tesla Tech is a small company that is based in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Even with their current website they only normally sell and service the local surrounding cities. Psychographics in my opinion will be playing a large part in the decision-making process for woman to buy a computer from us and utilize our free services. Most woman within the United States in this age group do not have the best computer skills or many at all since they tend to be stay at home moms that until the past decade had no need for computer skills. Now that their children have left the home they now have the free time, ability, and disposable income to buy a computer that suits them, learn and become competent within the world-wide web and what it has to offer. Competition in a market is difficult enough, but when computers and education are considered there are numerous companies and educational facilities online that try to get the edge on their competition. At Tesla Technical, we have a system that we feel will entice the consumer to return to our website frequently to access our online material in a way that will help us to
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e-commerce - At Tesla Tech they offer a variety of computer...

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