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advertising plan - Situation Analysis o...

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Situation Analysis: o Company (Product/Service) Description Easie Tech will be providing residential customers with all of their computer needs, whether it is software installation, operating system repair, virus removal, hardware replacement, cell phone repair, and many other laptop and desktop computer services. o SWOT Analysis STRENGTHS -quick turnaround -competitive prices - overhead causes established companies to compensate this with higher pricing, while internet and in-home companies do not have a lot of overhead due to the nature of their venue or location -outstanding customer service (customers will be able to immediately speak to a technician) -free diagnostics - -offer a wide variety of repairs that our competitors do not -offer a price-beat guarantee WEAKNESSES -limited staff -Start-up company -we are only regional(for the time being) -training will be an ongoing process to educate computer technicians
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OPPERTUNITIES -expansion to more areas is likely -many consumers do not get their computers fixed due to high franchised company prices -quick turnaround will enable more repairs to be made and therefore company growth -We see an open market for cell phone repairs that many if not all other companies do not provide THREATS -competition online (downloadable program to fix computer software issues -low inventory may slow turnaround time if parts need to be ordered -start-up companies fail more them they succeed -there are many in-home computer repair people and companies.
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