Week 7 Final Project Requirements and Rubric

Week 7 Final Project Requirements and Rubric - Keller...

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Keller Graduate School of Management Applied Managerial Statistics (GM533) Instructor: Requirements for the Course Project and Grading Rubric To all: Following are the requirements for the Course Project. Below the requirements is the grading rubric which will be used in evaluating the Course Project. Please post any 1) Do a paper of approximately 1500 words, including the requiredMinitab output, on a case that allows you to use multiple regression (Case #’s 7, 28, and 49 are recommended). 2) Read the Week 7 Lecture, including doing the Week 7 Tutorials, which are provided as links within the Lecture (more than once, if necessary). 3) From your eBook, carefully read the case you’ve selected; and from Doc Sharing, get the data set, for the case you've selected. 4) Load the data set into Minitab, and run the multiple regression (be sure you get the right dependent variable!). 5) Use the Minitab p-values for the individual regression coefficients, to identify any non-significant independent variables.It is suggested that you use an alpha = 0.1, though you may also choose an alpha = 0.05 or 0.01 (just be sure to indicate which value of alpha you have selected). 6) Re-run the regression, retaining only the significant independent variables. Check to be sure all the p-values for the independent variables are less than your chosen alpha. 7) Interpret in words, that use the language of the case, and the units of the individual variables, the various elements of the Minitab output, focusing in particular on:
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Week 7 Final Project Requirements and Rubric - Keller...

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