This got me thinking of my own company HW

This got me thinking of my own company HW - technician will...

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This got me thinking of my own company. .. We live in a "here and now" type of customer base and culture. As a computer company we are just as skilled as the next company, but customer loyalty and new customers depends on pricing and speed of repairs. Consider this. .. say for example my company gets ten customers per day, and we have two technicians. If we work at an average pace of a computer every two hours each worker, which means each
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Unformatted text preview: technician will have to work ten hours a day. This will over work our employees and cause performance issues by the end of each week. Not to mention that a computer may take longer than two hours and some may not get finished in one work day. This could result in a dissatisfied customer and they may go somewhere else that can provide next day service on 3-day service...
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