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Page 1 of 6 Chapter 2: Classical Approaches of Major Organizational Theories   Comm Studies 134 Organizational Communication History of Communication Models  Linear Communication Model Communication flows in one direction Sender to receiver Interactional View Active then passive in a repetitive cycle Transactional View Model Terms  Source Receiver Encoding Decoding Messages Auditory (hearing) Visual (seeing) Tactile (touch) Olfactory (smelling) Feedback Channel Noise Effect Linear Model of Communication Speaker sends message to Listener  One-Way NO feedback Limited Transaction Model of Communication Illustrates that communication is a process that is: On-going Dynamic
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Page 2 of 6 Simultaneous Areas of Communication  Intrapersonal Interpersonal Intercultural Mass/Media Organizational Health  Family Political Rhetoric Classical Approach Foundation  Efficient and effective means of managing modes of production 1. Organizational structure 2. Training for efficiency 3. Chains of command Metaphor: of the  Machine Specialization – roles that each part of the machine play or specific tasks assigned Standardization – which supports the idea of replacement Predictable – rarely deviates from the norm unless some part of it ceases Three Theoretical Perspectives Key theories: - Henri Fayol s - Classical Management  - Max Weber s - Bureaucracy - Frederick Taylor s - Scientific Management  Henri Fayol s – Elements of Management   What managers should do? Planning Organizing Command Coordination Control
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CS 134 - Chapter 2 Notes - Page 1 of 6 Chapter 2 Classical...

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