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CS 134 - Chapter 5 Notes - Organizational Communication:...

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Organizational Communication: Cultural Approaches Com Studies 134 Chapter 5 What is Culture? The word culture is regularly used to describe groups of people in geographic regions Culture provides a lens through which its members interpret, interact with, and make sense of reality (Louis 1980) An organization HAS culture?  (prescriptive view: culture is something that can and should be  managed) An organization IS culture?  (descriptive/alternative views: to describe and understand culture) What is Organizational Culture? 1970s and 1980s Organizational theorists wanted to explain the behavior experienced in organizations Traditional explanations (e.g., classical & humanistic theories) unable to satisfactorily explain all forms of behavior within organizations Prescriptive views: During late 20 th Century, concept of “culture” took business and academic community by storm Metaphor of culture resonated Cultural metaphor opened up new areas of research Culture became part of everyday talk Deal and Kennedy's “Strong cultures” Peters and Waterman’s “Excellent Cultures” Such cultures can be created and managed Such cultures lead to better organizational performance Deal and Kennedy’s “Strong Cultures”” Business success can be enhanced through development of “strong” culture Values: Heroes: individuals who best represent or personify the cultural organization's values public performances that display and portray the values of the organization
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Cultural network: informal communication network in the organization as the primary carrier of
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CS 134 - Chapter 5 Notes - Organizational Communication:...

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