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Page 1 of 4 Socialization Processes CS 134 Organizational Communication Father of Socialization According to Jablin (1987), “ongoing behavioral and cognitive processes by which individuals join, become integrated into, and exit organizations.” Models of Socialization Anticipatory Socialization Encounter Metamorphosis Processes through which individuals adapt to organizational life are complicated Develop over span of time and involve organizational members and activities Stages of Socialization: Encounter-Metamorphosis Encounter - Entry phase The newcomer confronts the reality of his or her organizational role Metamorphosis - Final stage Employee begins to change Meet standards of new environment Alter the requirements of his or her role Newcomer makes the transition Content of Socialization Louis – two classes of information that must be grasped during socialization process Role-related information Information about the organizational culture Content of Socialization Myers and Oetzel – processes involved in socialization Developing familiarity with others Acculturating Feeling recognized by others Becoming involved Developing competency Role negotiation Assimilation, or Why your job becomes you! Four reasons group norms are enforced (Feldman)
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CS 134 - Chapter 7 Notes - Page 1 of 4 Socialization...

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