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Business Letter Assignment 40 points First make sure to read the information in Chapter 14 on business letters. It is important that you understand the different formats and types of letters for this assignment. Once you have read chapter 14, choose one of the two letter formats : full block style or modified block style. (These are explained on page 371 of your text) Be careful to adhere to your chosen format. Once you choose a format, follow the guidelines below to write a claim letter. Note: This should be a serious letter, and it will appear in your technical writing portfolio. No joke letters please. Claim Letter Scenario You’ve just bought a product that you are pretty excited about. Within two weeks the product has malfunctioned. Or you contracted a service that was pretty important to you. The service was in some way less than satisfactory and not what you had agreed to. (Either make up a product or service or choose an example that actually happened to you
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Unformatted text preview: or someone you know.) Write a claim letter to the company regarding your dissatisfaction. Follow the guidelines for writing a claim letter found in your text, and in the lecture. (page 371 & 374 in the text). You will be graded on how well you: 1. Follow your chosen letter format style (full block, modified block) 2. Use the format suggested in our lecture and in your text to: • Identify the product or service • Explain the problem, telling exactly what is wrong giving names and part numbers etc. • Propose an adjustment. • Conclude courteously. 3. Use a polite and appropriate tone, maintain the “you attitude” and avoid clichés. 4. Space the letter on the page, using appropriate elements of page design. 5. Revise the letter to conform to standards of spelling, punctuation, and grammar....
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