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Di4701110210835(1)(1) - Your eye care practitioner’s...

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Unformatted text preview: Your eye care practitioner’s office upgraded you to CLEAR CA‘RE® Cleaning and Dismfecting SQJlutj on+ ‘c‘oi‘f r Wigwam ‘Loosens dirt Enhances protein removal Unique lens case designed specifically . ® . YOU CAN for use With Clear Care Cleaning and SEE IT Disinfecting Solution—FREE inside. WORKING on the purchase of any 12—02. or larger bottle of Clear Care‘a Cleaning anol Disinfecting Solution DO NOT DOUBLE—not valid with other otters. LIMIT ONE coupon per purchase. CUSTOMER: Void if reproduced, taxed. or prohibited or restricted by law. Consumerto pay sales taxes. Not to be combined with any other offer. Coupon not transferable. Valid in USA, PR, and V1. Cash value 1/100 cent. RETAILER: CIBAVISION" will reimburse you forthe face value of this coupon plus $.08 it submitted in compliance with CIBAVISIONm Coupon Redemption Policy, available upon requestand incorporated by reference herein. Reproduction of this coupon is expressly prohibited (Any other use constitutes frauds) MAIL TO: CIBA VISION, CMS Dept 00067,1 Fawcet‘l Drive, Del Rio, TX 78840 © 2010 CIBA VISION Corporation, a Novartis AG company 201041-1152 004113—011132 ||I3I 5 47113 18087 Lama-annu—mummmmmmmm——n———m_ Eu,r—rn-_—__ns J . _ A n may” gmmmm flaw flag” 3 _ 99a 339% Mag. 2,32 Egfiwmmm mwfiwmwfimm «8%. 39a Emfinmmw mm EQW mmwmuwwég U05: mBowm E can. flaw Hm m 88:55 E Scum o” 35H 63803 9.8. Egozm: <05, :92 5938mm Emma Em $me mfimbgmam Mmmsmn 3 Em gm. 93:39. $095 $me 933mg? w 3;: 9:5 mm 65:3. Nmmw Bmfiosmm 25 £583 82% H83 0358:. image SE; 96 E 8:. Hum 939?. oofikumn 8 059, Bmfiwmmmm. Mace =92 BmEmmm SE. a Mafia? USS E.on E925 mun 6mm 535mm,? 9.5% <0: 5on £55 8 mmnmvm. damn 836m 5 m U382: Hm 3.05? , Emoofimmmn. mgu m mam: 859$ 85 A R 5E8 m 9,89? Em. .95: mmme mwmnm 5%me ma. 82% MES wuQO BE 09%” mmfigmgm mag? MESS mm om m5 mvmnm wmmfimm Egfimgfime Efigomowm mug. Smwawmm. moms” E5 @83an Sam mama wag ya 2 3% $59 835% m 2%. mam» WEB nonfim $5 33% 5w ma 8ch m m8. ESE Emombm ES? éwmfi 5% Sb 3; ob Em was. was: Emma ES m 393 Q. Mg m 33 Mmmmu 5 mm mag g9 wmgmm am: mamonmmm 9 Wm mfimwama m Smng 336me m Emmwmmm 8.5. m 2%. B .53 $3.9 8 x ab 3% 3mm mam». dam? @683 Em Emmma fiwwwugm on wag Emfimmm. w flag 9. fig 85, $855 mammawmg Ea mcmcomfio. $032? mewomm 9” e5 Qmmemmmm 8 935 m 95 EmNmfi. M%[email protected] fimmawfigm mam mm? mmmmw flgm mhmmv 33ng mag 08qu m, bouafiaomw cummmfimmob @223 no mgmgfim Em $me cm ame @8985 w wagome E. 6mm 5% mam Bmwfimafimm 0% “fime Bmfimwm. x mg a.on £me 3833? Eggnog. Moeme 66:30; am: 9: Saw mmm. Mm 3mm 3. m3. 3% Eng. $55 $3 m3 §[email protected] , Eogmnad mu gamma nEoHEmmob mu mgnflm ...
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