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Graphic Analysis DB Supplement

Graphic Analysis DB Supplement - The graphic below does a...

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Graphic Analysis DB Supplement Matthew Mode ITEC 3290 11 February 2012 The graphic I chose to analyze is associated with an ongoing research project with which I am involved. The chart shown below in Figure 1 is referred to as a PICK chart, and is an integral part of process refinement in Lean Six Sigma (LSS). The acronym PICK stands for P ossible, I mplement, C hallenge, and K ill. These labels are applied to the quadrants of the 2x2 chart, and serve to identify the feasibility and/or ineffectiveness of ideas for a given process. In the Possible quadrant are listed ideas that could be implemented given proper resources. The Implement quadrant houses ideas that can be put in place immediately. Challenge quadrant ideas are those that could be possible, but are questionable as to yield for effort. Finally, the Kill (sometimes referred to as Quash) quadrant lists those ideas that are impractical or too costly with regards to resources and effort.
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Unformatted text preview: The graphic below does a good job of laying out the overall course of action for the PICK session and is fairly self-explanatory. The quadrants are labeled for classes of ideas, and along the left and bottom margins are reminders of how an idea qualifies for each portion of the chart. The layout of the PICK chart is intuitive, as with many tools in LSS, and is designed to streamline decision-making for operational groups. The only real improvement I would suggest for the PICK chart tool would be to add a legend that summarizes the qualities of each area to guide discussions and aid in initial placement of ideas. As it is, however, I find the PICK chart to be a great tool, and have used it in my career as a police officer and now in logistics to great effect. Figure 1 Graphic accessed online 11 February 2012 at the following URL: http://www.vertex42.com/ExcelTemplates/PICK-chart.html...
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Graphic Analysis DB Supplement - The graphic below does a...

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