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ICTN_2530-_Part_1-_Hands-on_Skills_Based_Finalv4a - ICTN...

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ICTN 2530/2531- Fall, 2011 3/19/2012 PART 1- Hands-on Skills Based Final This is Part 1 of the hands-on skills-based final exam for ICTN2530/2531. Max points possible are 30. It is NOT timed. No outside material or assistance is permitted. Part 1 must be completed and connectivity with rha- server verified prior to beginning Part 2 (distributed separately). Disclosure of the contents of this exam in any form could result in a failing grade and administrative action taken. After receiving your grade, destroy this exam. Section 1: Resetting the Root Password in the Single User Mode A. Download the pre-built virtual machine (VM) image for the final exam on your personal computer from http://www.cs.ecu.edu/john/ B. Unpack the hosbf.rar file. Open the VM using VMware Workstation. Do NOT use the VM from RHEL5v1.1.rar. Do NOT install VMware Tools. C. The root password was lost (It is NOT ECUtecsys). Please reset the root password in the single user mode. 1. Boot the system into the single user mode. 2. In the single user mode, type cat /proc/cmdline > /root/cmdline.txt ( 4 points ) 3. Set the root password to your RHA userid, LOWERCASE. ( 3 points ) 4. Type reboot Section 2. Connectivity with rha-server (
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