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ICTN 2530/31- Summer, 2009 3/19/2012 Part 2- Hands-on Skills Based Final This is Part 2 of the hands-on exam for ICTN2530/2531. Max points possible are 70. There is a 10 point bonus problem at the end of this test. This is a timed, 1 ½ hours (90 minute) exam, closed notes, no discussion during the exam. By taking this exam, you are certifying that: no outside material or assistance was used. you will not discuss this exam. Disclosure of the contents of this exam in any form could result in a failing grade and administrative action taken. After receiving your grade, destroy this exam. There are specific configuration tasks to complete which will be graded. Maximum possible score for Part 1 and Part 2 is 100 with the possibility of an additional 10 point bonus. It is advisable to read the entire exam before starting. Your system must retain settings after a REBOOT! When finished with Part 2, reboot your VM by typing reboot as root. Do not use the reset button. Before starting the exam, remove any CD/DVD from your CD/DVD-ROM drive. For NFS and NIS to work properly, you must be able to connect to rha-server. Connectivity can be verified with the ping command. For problems, my phone number is _______________________. Section 4. RHEL 5 Group/User Configuration: Use the useradd , groupadd , usermod and other commands as applicable to perform the following. Assign each user a password of
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ICTN_2530-_Part_2-_Hands-on_Skills_Based_Finalv3f - ICTN...

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