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East Carolina University College of Technology and Computer Science Department of Technology Systems ITEC 3290: Technical Writing ( Section 501/ 601/602 ) Catalog Description: Practice in writing about technical problems of significance to student. Writing Intensive Course: ITEC 3290 is a writing intensive course in the Writing Across the Curriculum Program at East Carolina University. In using WI Model #2, this course contributes to the twelve-hour WI requirement for students at ECU. Additional information is available at the following site: . Credit Hours: 3 Semester Hours Prerequisites: ENGL 1200 Means of Delivery: Online via Blackboard Course Coordinator/Instructor: Carolyn Dunn, Ph.D, e-mail address: [email protected] Computer Requirements: Students need to have reliable access to a computer and the internet. This course requires students to access course materials via Blackboard. Details on computer requirements for Departmental programs and concentrations can be obtained from the ACE Student Support Center ( 252.328.9866 or 1.800.340.7081) . See: computer-requirements.pdf , or visit Computer Applications: Internet browser and reliable internet access are a must. Students will primarily use Word for assignments, although knowledge of Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher would also be helpful. Course Competencies: The course is designed to prepare students in the skills and techniques necessary to prepare effective, efficient written material for the workplace. Upon successful completion of the course the student will: Understand the differences between technical writing and lyrical writing. Be acquainted with important ethical and legal issues pertaining to technical writing. Be able to analyze and write for a particular audience. Have basic editing skills. Be able to imbed charts, tables, and graphs appropriately into the text. Understand the important considerations for doing persuasive technical writing. Recognize the importance of completeness and attention to detail in technical writing. Be adept at drafting business letters, memos, and descriptive documents. Know how to prepare an effective resume and how to critique resumes of others. Understand the basic techniques of technical report preparation. Be aware of proven techniques for making effective oral presentations. Academic Integrity: Academic honor is a fundamental value of higher education and East Carolina University. Acts of cheating, plagiarism, falsification or attempts to cheat, plagiarize ITEC 3290/Technical Writing REVISED: August, 2011
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or falsify will be grounds for either a grade penalty or referral of the case to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities for an Academic Integrity Board
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ITEC3290SPRING12ONLINEdunnsyllabus - East Carolina...

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