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ITEC, Incorporated Family Newsletter February, 2005 The Computer Mouse – Components and Operation Introduction A computer mouse is a computer input device that translates the motion of the hand into instructions for the computer. The mouse is oblong shaped, created to be covered comfortably by a human hand. The user slides the mouse forwards, backwards, or to the side on a hard, flat surface. The user also presses the left or right click buttons with his/her index finger. The computer translates these actions into instructions to manipulate, move, and choose objects on the computer screen, as well as navigate the screen. The mouse is made of the following principle parts: body casing, cord, left and right click buttons, ball cover plate and scroll ball. Figure 1 Part-by-Part Description The following is a brief description of the appearance and basic operation of each major component of a computer mouse. These components can be seen in Figure 1.
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