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Memo/Instruction Assignment 40 Points Assume that you have graduated and obtained that “perfect” job. Build this memo around a set of instructions. One day while you were at work you noticed something that could be potentially damaging to you, your co-workers or the company facility. (This can be something you have actually seen, or you may make up an appropriate scenario.) Because of your managerial position you need to address the issue. . 1. You will write a memo meant to address a group of coworkers that speak English as a second language – therefore, you will have to craft your document carefully so that the audience will understand. Review the strategies for communicating with multicultural audiences. Remember these include, but are not limited to, choosing words carefully, making sure your sentences are short, direct and clear, and removing any slang or idioms in your writing. 2.
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Memo_assignment7_1_1 - Memo/Instruction Assignment 40...

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