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Sample Memo_2 - Memorandum To Betty Clark Information...

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Memorandum To : Betty Clark, Information Services Director From : Konrad Thomas, Network Coordinator KT Subject : Instructions for adding virus protection on Marketing Department desktops. Date : April 01, 2005 Purpose : The primary purpose of this memorandum is to give you instructions for your Information Technology staff on installing Symantec Antivirus protection on all Marketing desktop computers. Included in this memorandum are detailed instructions and other items that should help your staff accomplish this. Background : As you are well aware, in January of last year we had an outbreak of a computer virus on a majority of our computers that rendered our network useless for two days. This outbreak stemmed from a few computers being added to the network without the proper antivirus protection. This outbreak is certainly something that none of us wish to happen again. Discussion : Upon working on some networking issues in the Marketing Department, I
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