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METU NCC Spring 2012 CHME 326 Mass Transfer and Separation Processes March 1st, 2012 Team #: Name, Surname: RECITATION -1 Oxygen diffuses through air in a combustion chamber down to a flat carbon surface (z = L) where it reacts instantaneously according to the following equation: 4C + 3O 2 2CO + 2CO 2 (a) Draw a diagram of the process, showing the movement of the various species. (b) Develop mathematical expressions that relate the flux of oxygen (N O2 ) to the fluxes
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Unformatted text preview: of the other pertinent species. (c) Simplify the general equation for N O2 (Fick’s) and the continuity equation to come up with one differential equation that can be integrated to determine y O2 (z). Assume steady-state, constant T, P, and D AB . (d) Derive an expression for y O2 (z) for O 2 . Use the following boundary conditions: z = 0 y O2 = y O2o z = L y O2 = 0 (e) Derive an expression for the flux of O 2 in the gas film, N O2 ....
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