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1 CHME 302 CHEMICAL ENGINEERING LABORATORY - I EXPERIMENT 302-6 RADIATIVE HEAT TRANSFER OBJECTIVE Objective of the experiment is to investigate the radiation basic radiation laws by thermal and optical radiation examples. Topics to be investigated in this experiment are listed below: - Stefan Boltzman’s Law - Lambert’s Distance Law - Kirchoff’s Law - Lambert’s Direction Law (Cosine) - Transmittance of light PRELIMINARY WORK 1. Study the basic principles of radiation especially the concepts listed in objective section. 2. Visit the lab. in advance to familiarize yourself with the experimental set-up with the consent of the teaching assistant. BACKGROUND a) Stefan Boltzmann’s Law Stefan Boltzmann’s Law states that total emissive power form a black body changes with 4 th power of the temperature. 4 . T A q σ = (1) where 8 10 670 . 5 - × = σ W/m 2 .K 4 and temperature T is in K. b) Lambert’s Distance Law
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2 Distance Law states that intensity of radiation from a point heat source decreases with square of distance. Since it is known that change in irradiance is related with a th (should be found as 2) power of L, equation (2) can be written to define irradiance (E -W/m 2 ). E(W/m 2 ) = k.L a (2) c) Kirchhoff’s Law According to Kirchoff’s Law, at thermal equilibrium emissivity and absorptivity of a surface are equal. d) Lambert’s Direction Law (Cosine Law) Radiant intensity (flux per unit solid angle) emitted in any direction from a unit radiating surface varies as the cosine of the angle between the normal to the surface and the
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