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CHME 302 CHEMICAL ENGINEERING LABOATORY-I EXPERIMENT 302-1 FLOW MEASUREMENT TEST OBJECTIVE The purpose of the experiment is to demonstrate the working principles of four most common devices used to measure the instantaneous flow rate in pipes; the orifice meter, the nozzle meter, the venturi meter, and rotameter, and to determine discharge coefficients for the first three of them. PRELIMINARY WORK 1. Study the basic principles of flow measurement devices including the venture meter, the orifice meter, the nozzle meter and the rotameter. Show all steps of derivations of flow rate expressions in your lab. notebook. 2. Visit the lab. in advance to experiment and familiarize yourself with the experimental set-up with the consent of the teaching assistant. SET-UP DESCRIPTION The set-up is designed to demonstrate three basic types of pipe-flow meter. The apparatus enables the following instruction capabilities: - Comparison of different flow meter types - Study of flow and pressure measurement methods - Determining the meter coefficient - Calibration of flow meters The test section, located over a hydraulics bench (Fig. 1), consists of a Venturi meter (3), an orifice meter/ or nozzle meter (4), and a rotameter (5). A flow control valve (6) permits variation of the flow rate. Pressure tappings enable measurement of the head losses of each flow meter. The tappings are connected via hoses to a multi-tube manometer bank (2). The manometer panel incorporates a manifold with an air bleed valve. All components of the flowmeter demonstration unit are assembled on a panel (1) with stand. The unit is suited on the top of the hydraulic bench in order to make use of water supply and
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