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Psych Ch2 Outline - 2) Psychology & Science a) Methods for...

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2) )a Methods for Answering Questions )i Survey method to obtain info. by asking many individuals via a form of communication to answer a fixed set of questions (one-way communication). )ii Case study in-depth analysis of the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, or behaviors of a single person. )iii Experiment method of identifying cause and effect relationships by following guidelines that minimize errors, bias, and chance occurrences. )b Surveys )i Advantages: ()1 Quick and efficient in collecting info from multiple groups. ()2 Gives generally results average of the population surveyed. )ii Disadvantages: ()1 May be biased if surveys are over or under representative. ()2 Subjects may provide wrong answers in order for them to be socially acceptable (social pressure bias). )c Case Study: Testimonials )i Testimonial one example of a case study, a statement in support of a particular viewpoint based on personal experiences. )ii Testimonials: Error and bias. ()1 Personal beliefs may bias perceptions, causing people to overlook other causes to psychological problems. ()2 Self-fulfillment prophecy having a strong belief or making a statement (prophecy) about a future behavior and then acting, usu. unknowingly, to
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Psych Ch2 Outline - 2) Psychology & Science a) Methods for...

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