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Week 5 DQ - resolution While the embargo is in place it may...

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My article is about the ongoing embargo of Cuba. I found it in the Kansas City Star and it was written by Peter Orsi, an AP reporter. The embargo began about a year after the failed CIA operation known as the Bay of Pigs, (and after President Kennedy bought 1200 H.Upmann Cuban Cigars), and its central core was to topple Fidel and Raul Castro. It has been in effect for 50 years today. (Orsi, 2012) The article goes on to state that supporters, typically Cuban-Americans in the South Florida region and the US Government, see the ban essential even though the Cold War is over. The Cuban Government confiscated American assets and property in the revolution and Cuba’s history of human rights abuses is well documented. Protesters of the ban, feel that the impoverished people of the island nation have suffered enough. Every year, in the fall, The UN passes a resolution condemning the ban. For many years now, Israel and the US have been the only countries that have voted against the non-binding
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Unformatted text preview: resolution. While the embargo is in place, it may come as a surprise to some that the US is Cuba’s 10 th largest trading partner, mostly in food and pharmaceuticals. In my opinion, the time for the embargo is long gone. We have nothing to prove to Fidel or Raul Castro. Raul Castro is making economic changes in Cuba. People can now buy and sell private property, such as houses; he is de-centralizing government agencies and implementing agricultural reforms. He is also slimming government payrolls. We trade and have cordial relations with many communist countries including Vietnam, and while none of them are 90 miles off our coast, Cuba is easily contained by our proximity. Works Cited Orsi, P. (2012, 02 07). Kansas City Star Business Wire . Retrieved from The Kansas City Star: http://www.kansascity.com/2012/02/07/3415085/no-cigar-economic-embargo-on-cuba.html...
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