Elizabeth Kranz MAT 230 Syllabus - Quiz Version

Elizabeth Kranz MAT 230 Syllabus - Quiz Version - MAT 230...

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MAT 230 – Quantitative Analysis SYLLABUS Course Description: This course introduces mathematical techniques used in business, economics, and social sciences. Topics include mathematics of finance, systems of linear equations and inequalities, Gaussian elimination method, linear programming, Simplex method, and probability. These techniques are applied to the optimization of profit and cost functions that arise in production and transportation problems. PREREQUISITE: MAT 120 or Placement Examination. Course Materials: Text : Finite Mathematics and Its Applications; Goldstein, Schneider, & Siegel; Tenth Edition Class Attendance: Students are required to log on the Discussion board under the Introduction section at the beginning of the class. This is the way that a student is recognized as attending the class. Students should also enter any questions or comments under the appropriate Unit. Learning Outcomes: Upon successful completion of the course, the student will: Have improved their basic intellectual skills such as reading comprehension, logical reasoning, analytical thinking, and other problem solving skills that are needed in mathematical problem solving at the college level. Have improved their ability to translate and solve word problems, and to communicate mathematical ideas more effectively. Be able to solve a variety of problems dealing with Mathematics of Finance.
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Elizabeth Kranz MAT 230 Syllabus - Quiz Version - MAT 230...

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