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MGT 405 DQ week 6

MGT 405 DQ week 6 - that while the military is a different...

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There are two main reasons employees create conflict when it comes to organizational change. The first is primarily fear of the unknown. The second concerns certain employees who have accumulated power and are considered centers of influence. It is hard for them to give up the status quo. According to the video, the change accompanied by a vision statement, needs to be powerful enough to sway employees to flow with the change. I agree with Ms. Fiorina’s assessment of these two aspects of change. I can say without a doubt
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Unformatted text preview: that while the military is a different breed of organization built on discipline and professionalism, there are certainly power struggles within the upper echelons that most of us never see at our level. We all experience fear to some degree, from missions changing on a dime, to equipment changes on the battle field and the military is more adept at adjusting fire to these situations and continuing the mission....
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