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MGT 405 Homework Week 5

MGT 405 Homework Week 5 - IDEO is an atypical in how they...

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IDEO is an atypical in how they are organized. There is no organized corporate hierarchy or management structure. They pick leaders from those that are qualified not just those that have seniority. Everyone works together and groups consist of an eclectic group of people with majors in Psychology, Business and Engineering. The culture at IDEO is an innovation unto itself. There is focus on a ‘real world’ strategy. This starts with going outside the cubicle and connecting with subject matter experts within the market and a buy in from the customer. Observation of what is happening in a particular customers market is essential to IDEOs success. Careful observation uncovers opportunities that designers might otherwise miss insulated in an office. The people at IDEO are what make the culture work. When hiring, IDEO looks for not only people who are competent in their chosen field, but flexible enough to branch out into other fields and perform well. People who have the capacity for empathy are highly sought after at
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