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11/16 Political Geography 1. How a political unit votes in an election? 2. How election districts are created/contested? 3. How an election manifests itself into our everyday life? How a political unit votes in an election: Precincts, counties, states, nations Long term voting patterns socio cultural cleavages o Voting patterns reflect divides in societies o Some states vote the same ways and always have “functional cultural regions” o Connecting as a group of people ? How election districts are created/contested: District making o Political process “Politicians” make them Draw their own political boundaries
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Unformatted text preview: • Reapportionment o Apportioning of representatives to a fixed number chamber • Redistricting o Act of redrawing political districts to comply with new census data On every level of the government • Gerrymandering o Drawing political districts for some partisan advantage What is too advantageous or detrimental to others? Judicial branch becomes involved How an election manifest itself into our everyday life: • Landscapes (see it) • Discourses (hear it) • Campaigning (sell it) • Voting booth (do it)...
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