Additional Examples.Topic 7

Additional Examples.Topic 7 - d , d d t d d t , , d t d d d...

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Topic 7 – Hypothesis Testing Additional Examples Example 1. The industry standard for “grip” on a high-end sports car tire is .9 g for a circle at 40 mph. A 2 nd tier tire manufacturer, “Badyear”, makes the claim that their new composite tire has a significantly better grip than the standard at a lower price . We decide to test the claim at an alpha level of 5%, sampling 36 sets of tires to put them through their paces, using the same type car and road conditions as that used for the development of the industry standard. The results are as follows; The average for the test was .9028 g with a standard deviation of .01 g. What are the null and alternate hypothesis for this test? Ho: u = .90 g Ha: u > .90 g This is a one tailed right test because the company claims that they are greater than the standard. What does the curve look like here? Don’t have the graphics capability, but picture a normal curve, with at mean of .90 g and since the alternate hypothesis is greater than, there’s going to be an established rejection region somewhere on the right side. Do we use Z or T or something else and what’s the critical value? The sample size is 36, so we can use Z. Regardless of the parent population, the Central Limit Theorem allows that the resulting sampling distribution will be normal. Since there is 5% in one tail, the Z-critical value will be 1.645. If our test statistic is more extreme than this, we’ll reject the null hypothesis, which is good news for “Badyear”, because it supports their claim. What’s our test statistic and what’s our conclusion?
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Additional Examples.Topic 7 - d , d d t d d t , , d t d d d...

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