Psych Ch3 Outline - 3) Brain's Building Blocks Alzheimer's...

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3) Brain’s Building Blocks Alzheimer’s Disease has initial symptoms of forgetting, repeating things, getting lost, and mild confusion. Over a period of 5-10 years, symptoms worsen and result in profound memory loss, lack of recognition of family & friends, deterioration in personality, and emotional outbursts. This disease has no cure and is always fatal. The disease starts in some people at age 50. )a Overview: Human Brain )i Brain weighs 1,350 g. ( 3 lbs.) )ii Brain’s primary fuel is glucose. )iii There are about 1 trillion brain cells. ()1 Gilial cells ( 900 billion) ()a Provide foundation to guide the development of neurons. ()b Support mature neurons. ()c Wrap themselves around neurons to form insulation to prevent electrical interference from other cells. ()d Release chemicals that influence a neuron’s growth and function. ()2 Neurons ( 100 billion) brain cell w/ 2 specific extensions. One receives electrical signals and the other, longer one sends electrical signals. )iv There is almost no evidence of brain cell regeneration. )v Mind-body question asks how complex mental activities (feeling, thinking, learning, dreaming, etc.) can be generated by the brain’s physical membranes, fluids, and chemicals. )b )i Cell body (soma) large, egg-shaped structure that provides fuel, manufactures chemicals, and maintains the entire neuron in working order. Has gray hue. )ii Dendrites branchlike extensions that arise from cell body; they receive signals from other neurons, muscles, or sense organs and pass them to cell body. )iii Axon single threadlike structure that extends from, and carries signals away from, cell body to neighboring neurons, muscles, or organs. )iv Myelin sheath tube like structure of fatty material that insulates axon. It diminishes interference from electrical signals generated by adjacent axons. Has white hue.
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Psych Ch3 Outline - 3) Brain's Building Blocks Alzheimer's...

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