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Book Notes - Part 4 - GEOG 305 Part 4 Notes Modern Human...

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GEOG 305 – Part 4 Notes Modern Human Geographies Modernism The railroad and trains were the first form of transportation to economically integrate the country then the highway was constructed to accommodate the automobile. Modernity The ultimate manifestation of the Enlightenment; which is the idea that rationale thought and in particular science would elevate humanity to a higher level. Perhaps, the ultimate symbol of modernity is the skyscraper that dominates urban landscapes around the world. Modern buildings such as skyscrapers tended to be similar to one another, and they really had no regional or place specific qualities. Residential houses, shopping malls, and commercial strips also tended to be placeless because they were increasingly standardized with common designs and similar construction materials and techniques. Post-Modernism Post-modernity includes the criticism of the rational use of space and standardization of landscapes that seem to have become so dominant in the cultural landscape. Marxists identify post-modernism as the later stages of global capitalism. Post-modernity Is about the personalization of space and recognition of place. Chapter 9 – 23 Million Texans Texas is the second most populous state after California. Much of the growth and diversity is increasingly located in a few large cities.
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Book Notes - Part 4 - GEOG 305 Part 4 Notes Modern Human...

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