Cheat Sheat for Final

Cheat Sheat for Final - *Thin sheet & TIG welding work...

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*Thin sheet & TIG welding work piece (+) *Centrifugal Casting 1 part *In soldering, the filler material is self-distributed by capillary action. *Centrifuge Casting multiple parts *Shearing test, bending test, and tensile test are all examples of destructive *Crucival liquid metal that is going to get poured in techniques to detect subsurface welding cracks. *Adding Graphite *Weld (temp) > Braze (temp) > Soldering (temp) *Porosity spherical cavity cause by gas trapped in the cast *(Wire) Drawing similar to Forward Extrusion *Shrinkage Cavity Not spherical/irregular shape cavity *Hammering hot iron on an anvil Open-die Forging *Flash defect caused by sand falling in the mold *Titanium with S_u=260 and S_y=240 average flow stress = 250 *Mold Shift defect caused by the misalignment of patterns *A 5cent coin is probably mass produced using Flashless Forging *Misrun defect liquid metal doesn’t flow to all parts of the mold *Commercial forging presses are powered by mechanical or hydraulic systems*Chaplets are used to support a core *The same amount of force is required to bend a 60 degree and 90 degree angle *During Sand Casting, the drag is normally below the cope *Shrinkage Cavity cannot be avoided *During Investment Casting, the volume of the cast is conserved. *A fishing reel is best produced using casting *Macro Manufacturing bigger than 10^-5 m *A sprue is located by itself and not in a casting mold *Micro Manufacturing 10^-6 m (LL) to 10^-5 m (UL) *Doubling the sprue length 40% increase in flow speed *Nano Manufacturing smaller than 10^-6 m *Sand Casting a hollow product need a sand core *The direction of the vector [xyz] is perpendicular to the plane (xyz) *Investment process of mixing white casting powder with water Lecture 10 DVD Questions *The optimal gap distance for brazing and soldering is at the peak of the *”Measuring/Gaging” discusses precision, resolution, and accuracy bell curve on a graph of gap size vs. joint strength *”Measuring/Gaging” shows how to read a vernier metric caliper *Gap Size (0.001”) to (0.010”) *”Measuring/Gaging” shows how to read a micrometer *Applications of Brazing & Soldering jewelry, electronics *”Measuring/Gaging” illustrates how to measure outer diameter *Destructive Weld Inspection tensile, bend, impact to break weld *”Turning & Lathe Basics” does not show tapering, facing, and boring *Non-destructive Weld Inspection visual, x-ray, dye penetration, ultrasound
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Cheat Sheat for Final - *Thin sheet & TIG welding work...

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