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Course Readings - READINGS PURPOSE &...

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Unformatted text preview: READINGS PURPOSE & PHILOSOPHY: The readings for Geography of Texas are numerous and diverse so a multitude of perspectives and ideas can be engaged. My intent is for students to read from different authors and types of writing. Numerous readings are placed at the reserve desk in the library annex. This allows for electronic reserve for many articles and chapters, but some others had to be in the form of photocopies. READING SCHEDULE: The reading schedule (below) is only a guideline for you. The readings are listed in their approximate order and close to the lecture topics. Some students learn better by reading before/after the related lecture, therefore, plan accordingly to your time schedule and personal learning strategy. READING LOCATIONS: Where to fnd the Readings. TEXTBOOK = ProutGeography oF Texas Packet = Copy Corner photocopy E-Reserve = online access via library website. E-learning = WebCT = online documents via university s e-learning website. Mediamatrix = streaming video (via university s server SELECT BIBLIOGRAPHY: A starter kit for geography of Texas literature. {all of these books should be on reserve in Evans Library} Terry G. Jordan. (with J. Bean & W. Holmes). 1984. Texas: A Geography . Boulder: Westview Press. ISBN 0-86531-481-0 LoC F386.J7 Donald W. Meinig. 1969. Imperial Texas: An interpretive essay in cultural geography. 1969. Austin: University of Texas Press. ISBN 0-292-73807-2 LoC F386.M35 Eric R. Swanson. 1995. Geo-Texas: A Guide to the Earth Sciences . College Station: Texas A&M Univ. Press, ISBN# 0-89096-682-6 LoC QE167.S93 John Brinckerhoff Jackson. 1980. The Southern Landscape Tradition in Texas . Amon Carter Museum, Fort Worth. ISBN 0-88360-035-8 LoC F391.J345 Pete Gunter and Max Oelschlaeger. 1997. Texas Land Ethics . Austin: U. T. Press. ISBN# 0-89096-682-6 LoC GE42.G86 Richard Francaviglia. 1995. The Shape of Texas: maps as metaphors . College Station: Texas A&M Press....
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Course Readings - READINGS PURPOSE &...

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