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ENGR 111A – Track-A Fall 2011 – Topics Schedule Date Week Day Topic/Activity (Assignments are in Enotes) 29 Aug 1 1 2 TR-1 Issue Kits , Review of Trigonometry, Intro to Engineering Design Process, Teaming, Technical Memos and Journals 5 Sep 2 1 TR-2 Truss geometry. Force transmission systems. How to build a stable, determinant truss. 2 TR-3 Free Body Diagrams: 12 Sep 3 1 TR-4 Equilibrium of particles & rigid bodies, Issue Lego Kits , Assign magnet tester as homework 2 GC-2 Orthographic Projections 19 Sep 4 1 TR-5 Determine Magnet Tensile strength in class using Statistics and Moments. Practice on moment calculations. Thursday, Sept 22 : Industry Night, 7:00-9:00pm, Optional for ENGR111 (Investigate Career Options) 2 TR-6 Calculate Reaction Forces in a Truss using Moments and Symmetry. Definition of Two Force Members
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