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exam_2 graphics_review - ENGR 111A Exam #2 (Graphics)....

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ENGR 111A Exam #2 (Graphics). Chapters 3-9, 11and 14 of Graphics Textbook All of the Graphics Powerpoint Presentations since Pictorials Multiple Choice and True/False Questions (60%) and work out questions (40%) Graphics: Orthographic Projections (Construction, Linetypes (Visible, Hidden, centerline), Precedence of Lines) Pictorials and types – Oblique (cabinet, cavalier, general), Axonmetric (isometric, dimetric, trimetric), Perspectives (1pt.,2pt, 3pt.) Be able to sketch pictorials Recognize front, top and right side views in Orthographic Projections Two orthographic views are given, let you create the third view. (Orthographic projection views) Missing Line type problems (Orthographic projection views) Dimensioning Rules and standards(ANSI) Tolerances – types of fits (Clearance, force, etc.) calculations (Hole tolerance, Shaft tolerance, Allowance, Max. clearance or Min. Interference) Standard types of holes (spotfaced, counterbore, countersink, etc.)
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exam_2 graphics_review - ENGR 111A Exam #2 (Graphics)....

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