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CSCE 206 (501-512) Structured programming in C 2011 Fall - Exam 1 Question set B Name: ___________________________ UIN: ___________________________ TA: ________________________ CLASS: ______________________________ True/False questions: 1. Is this True or False : !0&&0||0. F 2. X || Y && Z is the same as (X || Y) && Z. F 3. Is this True or False : !!5. T 4. A break statement will exit all loops: the inner and the outer loops. T/F 5. We use the symbol “//” for multiline comment. F 6. Comments cannot be placed in the middle of a keyword or identifier. T 7. Lexical analysis decides how tokens are related. F 8. Parentheses are used to increase the precedence of the operations inside them. T 9. Semicolons “;” need to be placed after every line in a C program. T/F 10. A variable can be declared after they are assigned value. F 11. Identifiers in C are case insensitive. F 12. Each preprocessing directive MUST be on its own line. T 13. A C program can have multiple main functions where execution begins and ends. F 14. Interpreters translate and execute each program statement dynamically. T 15. FORTRAN, COBOL, and LISP are all high level programming languages. T 16. Data, in computers, is stored in binary form, as a series of 0s, 1s, and 2s. F 17. Program Counter is a special memory location which contains the instruction currently being processed. F 18. When a program Fetch command is executed, it retrieves a copy of the program command from the address stored in the program counter, and then it proceeds to update the program counter to the address of the next instruction. T 19. ENIAC was the first general purpose, electronic, digital computer. T 20. Assemblers convert program instructions from assembly language into machine language. T 21. C language is an assembly language. F 22. In the process of performing a Modular Design for a given program, an example of one would start with the smallest parts and then proceed to larger parts. This type of process is known as Top – down Modular design. F
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23. The figure above shows a flowchart representation of an algorithm. F 24. The following two expressions are identical. T Variable %= Exp; Variable = Variable % Exp; 25. Defining the character ‘C’ and the single-character string “C” will produce the same result. F Multiple choice questions: 26. Variable declaration enables the compiler to: D A. set aside the appropriate amount of memory to hold the variable B. determine what operations are permissible with that variable C. determine What sort of data is allowed to be stored in that variable D. All of the above E. None of the above 27. What is the correct output for the following code segment? D
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Exam1FormB-withKey - CSCE 206 (501-512) Structured...

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