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Graphics Homework Assignments Sketch Page 28 problem 1, and page 29 problem 3 Page 256, 257,258,259, and 260 Cavalier Oblique of Page 54 Problem 7 Cabinet Oblique of Page 51 Problem 2 and Page 52 problem 3 Isometric of Page 53 Problem 5 and problem 6 Auto-CAD Problem 5—Bracket, Problem 6---Stabilizer on page 30 of the textbook (do not add dimensions) Problem 9---Corner Bracket on page 32 of the textbook (do not add dimensions) Draw three orthographic views for Page 236 problem 3 and problem 4 In AutoCAD!
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Unformatted text preview: Use AutoCAD to dimension the objects shown in the following templates:-DimExercise02-DimExercise04-DimExercise01 (optional)-DimExercise06 (optional) Page 129, 131, and 133 of the graphic book by hand Using your scales, complete the scaling exercises on page 88 (Rugby Field), page 89 (Football Field), and page 93 (Hockey Rink) in the textbook-page 89, use scale 1/8 = 1- 0 to instead of 1/32 = 1- 0 Page 155 and 156...
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