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Full name:________________________________ Lab group: 5 _ _ (-5 pt if wrong) HW7, ET181, Fall 2011. Due by 6 pm on Fri, Oct 28, 2011. Cited problems are from the 4th edition of textbook. The Grader is not responsible for missing paper; Use both sides of your paper and staple your sheets. 1) Multiple choice Page 706 Page 744-745 Question Answer Question Answer 29.1 B 30.2 A, B, E 29.4 A 30.6 C 29.7 B, C, E 30.8 D 29.8 B 30.11 B 29.10 B 30.15 A, B 2) Problem 29.5, p 706. Give answers in both J/mm 3 and Btu/in
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Unformatted text preview: 3 . 3) Problem 29.10, p.707. 4) Find pictures of welded parts fabricated with energy from electrical arc, laser, and electron beam. For each picture, write a caption to include the website, welding method, part material, and part application. Black and white pictures are acceptable but color pictures are preferred. Notes • This assignment is to fulfill a requirement from ABET to make sure students are competent in self-learning. • No answer posted since there are no unique solutions. p1/1...
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