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ENGR 111 Project-1-Bridge: TR-Task 1 Tech Memo Fall 2009 Your project requires that certain task submissions be in the form of a Technical Memorandum ( TM ). General instructions for the format and content of a TM are provided on Enotes. This handout provides clarification on what should be discussed/presented in each section of the tech memo for Task 1.1. 1. Make sure to modify the heading to include your instructor’s names in the TO field and your name in the FROM field. You do still need to include the name and number of your team even though this will be an individual submission. 2. In the Summary section, be sure to outline the task that was set out for you to solve in terms of the main objectives and specify any restrictions/constraints. This section also contains a summary of the major findings, conclusions, recommendations and difficulties. Be sure to include a small (e.g., 1 in < height < 2 in, adjust the width as needed), neat, and readable sketch (hand made) of your bridge, with appropriate caption. Only 1 view should be in the body of your 1-page memo.
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