Mid-term 1 - Grades: #1_ #2_ #3_ #4_ Total_ ENGR 220...

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Grades: #1__________ #2____________ #3____________ #4_________ Total____________ ENGR 220 PRACTICE EXAM I: FALL 2009 Name Student Number Section Number_____________ Closed book, closed note exam. Formulas given on attached formula sheet. You may use a calculator, periodic table and ruler. You will be given one hour to complete the exam. Please show all work for full credit. 1. 1 .(30 pts, 3 pts each) Please respond True or False to the statements listed below. RECORD YOUR ANSWERS ON THE SPACES GIVEN AT THE BOTTOM OF PAGES ONE AND TWO. WRITE OUT ENTIRE WORD: TRUE OR FALSE a. You are given two material samples. The first has a very fine grain or crystal structure (a lot of small crystals) while the second has a courser grain structure (larger crystals). The processing conditions of the two materials were likely the same. b. Propane (C 3 H 8 ) has a higher melt temperature than dodecane (C 12 H 26 ). c. The higher the bond energy for an interatomic bond, the lower the melt temperature of the material. d.
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Mid-term 1 - Grades: #1_ #2_ #3_ #4_ Total_ ENGR 220...

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