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Tech Memo Description (2) - SUMMARY OF THIS MEMO This...

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1 SUMMARY OF THIS MEMO This memorandum explains (and demonstrates) how to write a technical memorandum ( TM ). Webster’s defines a memorandum as a “ usually brief communication written for interoffice circulation . . . a communication that contains directive, advisory, or informative matter ”. Adding the adjective “ technical implies a certain degree of structure both in format and content. A TM is a concise and well written communication 1 that: s defines a task, s specifies the objectives of the task, s identifies and outlines a solution method and/or an experimental procedure, s reports and discusses the results of implementing the solution and/or the estimated parameters from the measurements, and s states conclusions and provides recommendations. It is often necessary to include an informal appendix (sometimes handwritten) containing the data, sample calculations, etc. to support statements. You should refer to the information in the appendix within the main body of your memo. Descriptions of the various parts of a TM follow below. HEADING ON YOUR TECHNICAL MEMO Your heading should follow the format of this memo. Your memo must be dated. (All correspondence, analysis, etc. should be dated.) The heading of a memo contains parts for “TO”, “FROM”, and “SUBJECT”. The TO part identifies the recipient of the memo by name and title, i.e. Prof. Shryock. The FROM part identifies you and/or team members. This includes then name your group selected for the team, as well as you and your teammates names. The SUBJECT part is equivalent to a title and tells what the memo is about as completely and concisely as possible. 1 Type font should be 11 points, single or 1 ½ spaces. The document should have 1 inch margins on 8-½ by 11 inch pages.
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2 ENGR 111 Technical Memorandum (TM) TO: ENGR 111 Students FROM: Professors K. J. Shryock & J. D. Camba SUBJECT: Writing Technical Memoranda DATE: January 21, 2010 SUMMARY
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Tech Memo Description (2) - SUMMARY OF THIS MEMO This...

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