National Conference on Emerging Technologies In Computer Science

National Conference on Emerging Technologies In Computer Science

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TCS 2010 ram Committee for Papers or Guidelines Dates rials stration ram Schedule act Us nsors of Accepted Papers Partial list of Accepted Research Papers Note:- Minimum one author must register for the conference along with DD. SL.No Paper ID Paper Title Authors Email ID Mathematics 1 1.008 A New Approach to Solve The Tic-Tac-Toe Game Radha Krishna Jana Manami Saha Pranita Bagchi Nivedita Jha Ritwick Ghosh 2 1.009 A Novel Approach to Solve Rubik’s Cube Radha Krishna Jana Soumen Routh Anijit Sanu, Sanjib Basak Sourav Matia 3 1.010 Z Field Computations Using Perspective Projection Methods Prof. D. Kumar Dr. M.Narayana Rao 4 1.024 Natural Relational Algebra: An Extension Of Conventional Database Query Processing H.S.Nagalakshmi Suhasini.M Image Processing 1 2.005 An Analysis of Thinning & Skeletonization for M. Radhika Mani Togara L
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Shape Representation Pravallika V. Indira 2 2.006 Morphological Background Detection and Enhancement of Images With Poor Lighting M.Ajay Kumar M.Ramana Reddy 3 2.007 2D Face Recognition System Invariant to Illumination Variations using Two Dimensional Maximum Margin Criteria for Feature Extraction Gaikwad K.P P.J.Kulkarni 4 2.008 A Novel Approach Based on Hierarchical Watermarking for Digital Images S.MaruthuPerumal K.I. Nirmal D. Hitesh Kumar 5 2.010 Watermarking of Relational Database Using Genetic Algorithm Ravindra V.Todkar Prof. Dr. S.M Deshpande 6 2.011 A DCT Based Method For Reducing Blocking Artifacts In Jpeg Compressed Images Ramanpreet Kaur Akshay Girdhar 7 2.012 Data Driven Gabor Wavelet Design For Bioinformatics Image Reorganization Swetharani L Biplab Roy 8 2.013 Enhancing The Performance Of H.264avc By Block Estimation And Compensation Technique Biplab Roy Ashwini Bhat 9 2.014 Development Of A High Quality Window For 3d Visualization D. Kumar M.Narayana Rao
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National Conference on Emerging Technologies In Computer Science

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