security ad hoc nokia - Security within Ad hoc Networks...

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Security within Ad hoc Networks Position Paper, PAMPAS Workshop, Sept. 16/17 2002, London Author: Preetida Vinayakray-Jani [email protected] Nokia Research Center, Helsinki, Finland 1. WHAT IS AD HOC NETWORK? With the advancement in radio technologies like Bluetooth, IEEE 802.11 or Hiperlan, a new concept of networking has emerged. This is known as ad hoc networking where potential mobile users arrive within the common perimeter of radio link and participate in setting up the network topology for communication. Nodes within ad hoc are mobile and they communicate with each other within radio range through direct wireless links or multihop routing. 2. LACK OF SECURITY WITHIN AD HOC NETWORK The build up of ad hoc network can be envisaged where support of wireless access or wired backbone is not feasible. Ad hoc wireless network does not have any predefined infrastructure and all network services are configured and created on the fly. Thus it is obvious that with lack of infrastructural support and susceptible wireless link attacks, security in ad hoc network becomes inherent weakness. Achieving security within ad hoc networking is challenging due to following reasons [2]: Dynamic Topologies and Membership o A network topology of ad hoc network is very dynamic as mobility of nodes or membership of nodes is very random and rapid. This emphasizes the need for secure solutions to be dynamic Vulnerable wireless link o Passive/Active link attacks like eavesdropping, spoofing, denial of service, masquerading, impersonation are possible Roaming in dangerous environment o Any malicious node or misbehaving node can create hostile attack or deprive all other
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security ad hoc nokia - Security within Ad hoc Networks...

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