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Cooperative Data Caching with Prefetching in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks Naveen Chauhan*, L.K. Awasthi and Narottam Chand Department of Computer Sc. & Engineering National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur -177005 *Email: naveen@nitham.ac.in Abstract- This paper investigates different caching strategies proposed in the recent past and tries to highlight the merits of proposed methods. The major issues on which emphasis is given in this paper is co-operative caching which allows the sharing and coordination of cached data among multiple nodes, can further explore the potential of the caching techniques. Due to mobility and resource constraints of ad-hoc networks, cooperative caching techniques designed for wired networks may not be applicable for ad-hoc networks. In this paper we have proposed hybrid of prefetching and cache the data approach. Another area which we have addressed in this paper is placement of replica in the network because geographically replicating popular objects in the network speeds up the availability of data and at the same time the cost would also reduce for keeping the up-to-date data. Keywords : Cooperative Caching, Prefetching, Replication I. INTRODUCTION Caching has been proved to be an important technique for improving the data retrieval performance in various environments like Browsers and proxy server cache copies of web resources to avoid the latency of fetching resources from originating server. The emergence of powerful portable computers, along with advances in wireless communication technologies, has made mobile computing a reality. A mobile computer is envisioned to be equipped with more powerful capabilities, including the storage of a small database and the capability of data processing. In a MANET, both the hosts and the BSs are mobile, which leads to complex query processing than general wireless networks. A MANET is a special kind of wireless network consisting of a collection of mobile hosts. There is no fixed infrastructure in MANET. The hosts are connected wirelessly. Each host has mobility, so the topology of the network changes continuously. There are no BSs in a MANET. MHs communicate either through the single hop or multi hop routing. Each MH is a router and has the ability of conducting search dynamically, locating and connection restoring. The MHs can also reconfigurate the topology of MANET dynamically, do distributed processing, share data and route messages among MHs. *Correspondence to: Naveen Chauhan, Department of Computer Sc. & Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur (H.P.)-177005 Some of the key issues in MANET’s are optimized mobile queries, cache and replication of data, managing transaction and routing [1].The improvement in data access can be done using caching. Cooperative caching allows the sharing and coordination of cached data among multiple nodes. Ad-hoc networks are beneficial in the situation where installing infrastructure is not possible. This might be due to the fact that
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5340352 - Cooperative Data Caching with Prefetching in...

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