Very easy - Cache Based Energy Efficient Strategies in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks KMwrugan S Balaji P Siasanka and S.Sbanmugavel'Rummujm ComputirPg

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Cache Based Energy Efficient Strategies in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks KMwrugan' S. Balaji* P. Siasanka? and S.Sbanmugavel' 'Rummujm ComputirPg Centre, Anna Univm'Q, Chmd - 600 025, LNDIA EMail: [email protected], Telephone: 91. - 44 - 22203133 ABSTRACT An m-denaand muting protocol for mdde ad hoc networks utilize mute caching in dirrerent fonns order totaducethemuthgoverheadsas wellastoimprovethe the effects ddif€erent design choices for this cachmg on-demand routing protocols wireless hoc networks. Efljcient en= conservation plays an important role the perfor"? of because mobile hosts such networks are usually battery- operated. caching, however, can considerably impact the system energy expenditure; for instan=, disseminating infoxmation incuts a$litional energy burden. Our analysis is based on the Dynamic Source Fbuting protocol (DSR), which opemtes entirely ondemand In this paper, we present a variation of the existing DSR protocol ded DSR-CACHE @SR-C) is proposed. The modification to DSR protoool is done in the way identities &e route and updating the same source node cache. Based on the sirrmlation, it is found that the energy &ci- aware DSRC protocol is ci"bly bigher cache bit rate higher peramage of reliable delivery packets. &ytvo&: DSR, GloMoSim, MANET, Energy Efficient Rwting toc col discavery latency. This paper presents analysis of 1. INTRODUCTION Caching is important part any on&md routing protocol for In an ad hoc network p, 91, pmvides a mechanism for generating a reply from intermediate en to the destination. Rather than using ?he periodic or background exchange information oommon most protocols, an on-detnand muting prorocol one that searches attempts to discwer a to so" destination only when a sending node originates a data- addressed to that node. In order to avoid the need for such a be performed before each data packet sent in ondemand routing a newly discovered mute should be cached, so that it may be reused the next time that the same requested. Such cachmg then introdum the problem of proper strategies managing the structure contents ache as nodes in network move and out t"ission range another, possibly iwaIidating some cached muting information. several protocols hr wirekss hoc networlrs have used ondemand mechaflisms, including 191 and AODV. In this paper, analyze effi different choices on- demand routing protocols in wireless networks. These design choices generally fall into three areas: cache structure, cupacio, and cache timotit. For a wide rauge of different algorithms on these choices, we evaluate their effect ability of rwting protocol to successhlly mute packets to different destinations, the number overhead packets generated by the routing protoool, the average latency required deliver packets, the qtimalility routes used relative to the shortest route that physically existed at the
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Very easy - Cache Based Energy Efficient Strategies in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks KMwrugan S Balaji P Siasanka and S.Sbanmugavel'Rummujm ComputirPg

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