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BIO 224 Section 001: Fish Cladogram Project Character Matrix Rachel Lumnitzer, My Dung Ha, Nazaneen Zahedi, Ravi Patel, Catheryn Blankenbiller Traits Atlantic Sturgeon (Acipens er oxyrinch us) Spotted Gar (Lepisost eus oculatus) Bowfi n (Amia calva) Channe l catfish (Icatal urus punctat us) Rainbow trout (Oncorhync hus mykiss) Muskellu nge (Esox masquin ongy) Outgroup – Spiny Dogfish ( Squalus acanthias ) Dorsal fin (number, shape) 1 1 1 2 2 1 2 Ventral fin number 2 3 2 2 3 3 0 Lateral scales No yes Yes No Yes Some no Fresh/saltwater Estuary Fresh Fresh Fresh Fresh Fresh salt Migration Upriver in spring Travel to shallow warm water to spawn Travel to warm shallo w water Upstrea m migrati on to spawn Upriver Moves from shore to
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Unformatted text preview: lower cooler water in summer Localized patterns Type of feeder Scaveng ers (Benthic feeders) predator Predat or Predato r Predator Predator Scavenger s (Bottom trawlers) Spots No Yes, large gray spots Yes, Large eye spot May be obscure Yes, black Yes, stripes can break into spots Yes, dorsal on body Teeth No Long, needle-like Many sharp teeth No Yes Long, needle-like yes Eggs/livebirth Eggs Eggs Eggs Eggs Eggs Eggs Livebirth True scales No, scutes Yes Yes No No Yes no Tail Shape Sickle (ray) Rounded Round ed Deeply forked Slightly forked Pointed Sickle Elongated Snout Yes Yes No No No Yes Yes...
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