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Unformatted text preview: -For evolution I will first discuss the phylogeny of fungi and then move onto the evolution.-For several years, classification was based on the morphology and nutrition of fungus. As we know, this is a well-known way to distinguish organisms for specification. However, for fungi, morphology was not enough to separate them from other groups.-A new technique based on molecular analysis is now used, in which the species’ DNA loci and even whole genomes are evaluated.-This tree on the slide illustrates a modern view of fungi phylogeny, and each subphylum shall be discussed later on. BREAK- The new classification is additionally based on characteristics such as flagellation, cell wall structure, and site of meiosis. BREAK-The Blastocladiomycota, the oldest fungal group, were once assumed to be the one example of flagellation eventually lost, however, molecular analysis has confirmed that flagellation has been lost on several occasions. They differ from other groups in that meiosis is sporic, resulting in lost on several occasions....
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